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My Dudley Moore Collection of Memorabilia

I have been collecting Dudley Moore memorabilia for some years now and, if asked to express a preference, I'd say am interested in his music first, his comedy second and then his life. In doing this I have amassed an eclectic set of items which includes records, books, autographs and even a thimble. In doing so I have of course added some items which include his great comedy partner, Peter Cook. This does not explain any perceived need I may have to share these facts or details of my collection with you, the great world wide web reader. However, I do need to catalogue it as it has grown to a position where I can't remember everything I have. I'd also like to give my honest comments on the condition of everything and maybe rid myself of some duplicate items. Finally, I do have some observations of Dudley which I shall share with anyone willing to take the trouble to read.

  • Dudley Moore - a short biography
  • My catalogue of Dudley memorabilia
  • Good and bad sites about Dudley Moore on the internet
  • I must get round to finishing this!